Riding Adventures

Checked off the bucket list

Just returned from a relaxing trip to the Outer Banks where I had the opportunity to check an item off my bucket list–riding on the beach!

Luckily I was able to convey that my husband and I do know how to ride, but that I wanted a vacation from my grumpy Thoroughbred. Mission accomplished. Diamond, the little chestnut Arab gelding I rode, was pretty much point and shoot (aside from a slight magnetic attraction to the trailer). My husband’s QH mount, April, was even more so–perfect for a more beginner rider. (Though they did try to stuff him into a 16″ saddle for some reason.)


I was surprised by how deep the footing was! When cantering and trotting, we stuck to the tire treads left by people four-wheeling. Otherwise the sand was just too variable, and after a year of hunting, I am not one to be overly worried about footing with the right horse.  Regardless, it was a fun ride and I was very happy with the care of the horses.

In keeping with the original frugality theme of the blog, this was a pretty affordable experience ($80 apiece). While that is double what I pay for a lesson, I would gladly give up two lessons for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although once I buy a trailer in a few years, maybe it won’t be once in a lifetime!

I feel a little funny about calling this a bucket list item because really I don’t have a bucket list, but riding on the beach is something I’ve always wanted to do. Before, my dream experience was foxhunting just once in my life. Clearly from the infrequency of my posts, we see how hunting has turned out to completely overtake my life. But hey, nothing wrong with living everyday life like a vacation. I always try to make a point of appreciating what I have, and spending money on the things that count, not the things that don’t. Because really, who needs to go out for dessert on vacation when you can make this in the toaster oven?!

We were supposed to have a hunt clinic to entice newbies today, but with a heat index over 100, the riding portion of the event was canceled. Right decision but a bummer since this year I helped organize the event, and we actually came home a day early so I could attend. Luckily I was still able to enjoy a cold one and snuggle hounds at the Hound Walk Happy Hour last night. Not a bad thing to come home to after a 6.5 hour drive!

Next weekend is our Opening Cubbing. Hopefully the weather will be reasonable enough to ride, but I doubt we’ll really hunt till it cools down significantly.

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